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This is the top of the line for renewing skin appearance and reducing the damage done by smoking, drinking, sun, wind, age and acne scarring.  To reduce the damage done from these processes of aging over your lifetime, we suggest a series of three treatments spaced usually three months apart, though they can be more closely spaced.  Usually a retinoid prescription is applied daily in between treatments and depending on age, a growth factor serum as well.  After the series of treatments there is ongoing remodeling and skin tightening that occurs for six months.  Most will see reduction in wrinkle depth and improved skin thickness with better elasticity and tone, many will see minimization or near complete elimination of fine wrinkles.  Yearly follow up maintenance Fraxel maintains your improvement, a must for those  who have continued sun alcohol or tobacco exposure, and recommended for all.

This is an ideal catch up procedure for those of us who did not put priority on our skin care while we were younger.  You can get back a more youthful skin appearance and deeply heal the skin rather than disguise the damage with other means.

This procedure is also recommended for anyone over 40 who has been caring for their skin and preventing wrinkles with Botox, and treating laxity by using filler.  It is time for deeper therapy that will save you money later, requiring less filler and reducing the need for more invasive, costly procedures.

This CO2 laser is not the ablative kind where your skin looks raw afterward.  It is a fractional ablative treatment where the laser penetrates a specific depth into the skin, over a specific percentage of the skin.  You have microscopic open wounds that close and heal quickly, usually within three days.  It looks and feels like a sunburn during that time.  There is some swelling as well.  You will want to stay out of the sun, away from heat sources,(not the time to do your cookie baking!). There will be cold pack and healing ointment to apply the first few days then transition to your repair treatment set.  The green cover up to block red appearance under your makeup is enough to make you look normal during this time, if you chose to be out and about.

The treatment itself feels hot and stings in certain areas of your skin.  We apply topical numbing agents to the skin to minimize discomfort.  After each treatment segment each area is treated with a soothing cold pack.

Those who have anxiety will do better if they take their medication for the anxiety before the treatment, but most do not require that step.  We offer a lovely herbal tea here for assisting relaxation, if you chose.  We are happy to prescribe numbing cream for you to use at home the hour before your treatment, to reduce your time of treatment here.

If you have trouble with wound healing, photo sensitivity, are taking medications, or are a diabetic, please discuss with us!  If you have a history of cold sores we will want you to take a suppressive antiviral prescription prior to this procedure.